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Kinaesthetic learning brought to everyone who is home schooling

Learning from home has come at high costs. Students are required to be more independent learners, or are having to rely on their parents more and sometimes the time that parents for them is limited. Letter reversals and backwards writing can be common, limiting factors slowing down students' learning in early childhood development and for children with dyslexia.

LetterReflex is a fun way to learn the correct orientation for common letters "b" or "d" and "p" or "q" and numbers 3, 6, and 9. The activities use kinaesthetic learning to teach mapping of left/right sides and correct letter/number formation.

What parents and teachers say

All I can say is this [LetterReflex] is PERFECT for its market (mild to moderate dyslexia… to ANY kiddo working on differentiating Ps, Qs, Bs, and Ds). Going to add this to my recommended App List for sure. Already used it with my daughter (who struggles with mild dyslexia and ADD) and she LOVED it! Thank you for this app. SUCH a fun way to work on these problem letters!

Brooke Olson @

I'm an OT in schools and I LOVE this app [LetterReflex]! Great for kids with reversals. The kids like moving up to the next level as well.

from an iTunes App Store review

Simply download the app from this link:


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