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A global community of 13-18 year-old creative learners and writers

Join a group. Receive a prompt. Get creative. Share. Repeat.

Write the World is a community of teens who share a love for creative writing but lack the motivation, confidence or ability to share their passion and their work with their peers. The community includes prompts, competitions and prizes to help young writers build their writing portfolio, "piece by piece"...

Teacher tool to enrich students' learning through writing

...When I discovered the Write the World web site it seemed too good to be true. It was so rewarding seeing the students get excited about other people, from other places, following them and commenting on their writing. This is exactly the kind of real world writing experiences that we want for our students....

— Jodie Scales, High School English Teacher

  1. Prompts library to inspire students

  2. Rubrics designed for formative assessment and to promote deeper student reflection

  3. Monthly competitions with guest judges... from Poet Laureates to The President’s speech writer.

Start an inspirational journey with your students!

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