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Get work experience also during lockdown

Private internship providers and schools are getting creative on ways they can afford their students real-life work experience, even when offices stay closed. Here's a list with some of them.

Links to remote industry engagement opportunities:

Nepris offers online “industry chats” with students. In response to COVID-19, the company is also releasing a job shadow functionality.

Career Village lets students craft questions about their career interests to crowdsource answers from its community of over 50,000 volunteer professionals.

California-based DaVinci Extension, a public charter school that serves students transitioning from high school to college, offers short-term projects with employers that they dub “project consults.” Students work in groups to consult with employers on projects for 6 to 8 weeks, primarily checking in over email or short weekly calls.

Parker Dewey operates an online micro-internship marketplace where college students get paired with companies offering paid virtual project work.

Riipen, sources industry projects not for pay, but for academic credit. For colleges scrambling to offer summer learning options, weaving real-world work projects into the classroom can help students stay on track with their academics without sacrificing the chance to work alongside professionals in careers that interest them.

Don't let the lockdown lock job opportunities away from you!

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