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Fun letter and numbers writing practice at home

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Learning how to write is a tremendous challenge for young children. They must visualise and reproduce a huge number of complex letter trajectories and memorise dozens of related phonics. Letter sounds must be associated with words and numbers with values.

LetterSchool ensures that kids absorb all this knowledge as they develop the fine motor skills they need. Strong clues assist and include all children, regardless of their learning styles.

Making the process of learning fun and more inclusive

Students practice each letter or number in four steps combining different learning approaches:

  • Intro: The player memorises the letter’s shape, name and sound

  • Tap: Kids learn where to start, change direction and finish by tapping the dots on the letter

  • Trace: Here, they learn the letter trajectory by tracing it

  • Write: Accountability hour: Test your letter knowledge by writing from memory

Progressing through the next level, children repeat the same four steps with a whole new set of games with a greater level of complexity. The LetterSchool app provides instant feedback to children, correcting each line as it is being drawn and achievements are rewarded with special effects.

Simply download this app and start playing together with your child:


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