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Free on- and off-screen middle school science remote lesson plans

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Mrs T is a middle school math and science teacher from Havana Junior High in Havana, Illinois. She graduated with a BSc in Math and Science Education from Illinois College in Jacksonville, Illinois and holds an MSc from Western Illinois University.

Mrs T created this portal to give every student the opportunity to construct their own understanding of science topics through hands-on lessons, independent investigations, and engaging experiments. The resources are meant for teachers to inspire/integrate in their curricula.

A portal packed with resources and tools on all STEM topics

Lesson Plan Links -  Provides links to my classroom pages as well as other online resources with great activity ideas. 

NGSS Resources - Links to websites with more information as well as lesson and project ideas.

Interactive Science Notebooks - Tips from my classroom and links to other websites with great information related to ISNs.

Mrs. T's Tech Corner - Links to my resources for making the most of the technology you have available in your classroom!

Science Education Links - Explore these sites to find resources on a variety of science education topics.

General Education Links - Great sites for all educational areas and levels.

Kid Zone - A collection of links for use with your students.

Idea Factory - Find new ideas for classroom management and procedures to use in your classroom! The Science Classroom - a listing of links for every subject. Nature Center Links and Nature Center Lessons - links for environmental education topics

Access them all here

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