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Collaborative, fun, experiential learning for children on the autism spectrum

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Taking students on the autism spectrum to visit museums, zoos, aquariums or libraries can be a challenge. Infiniteach is an app and a service to help prepare for and conduct safe, fun and immersive learning experiences with them! It's one more step in the right direction to make learning possible for all and inclusive of all needs.

Infiniteach's custom-branded iOS and Android apps are built for accessible, universal design and contain tools to help individuals with disabilities and their caregivers, prepare for and feel welcome and supported when engaging in new experiences.

What the parents say

I want to commend the Sensory Friendly App! I have brought my spec needs son once, years ago, and have to stay away from museums, events, etc. But we were given a certificate to visit the Shedd and I saw this app on the website, I checked it out and I could just cry. I always have to do so much to prepare him, but now that he's 14, he wants/needs to fit in and grow in independence, this app is just great. Trying to make a trip in before the start of school, and this is going to make a HUGE, and helpful impact. Beautiful!! THANK YOU

Sensory Friendly Shedd Aquarium App Feedback

I cried tears of joy as my daughter and I watched every single video... It gave us relief & absolutely prepared us to the fullest... The language used to describe the exhibits & videos to see what to expect were spot on.

mother of 6 year old with autism

I downloaded the Sensory App. It's such an incredible app!! I was sooo impressed!! We had to wait in a line to go to the Wild Reef. My son played the memory game on the app during the wait, which helped a lot.

Kelly Jurecko, Parent and President of SPD Parent Zone

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