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31 days of learning from home with recycled materials

A special lockdown series by the educational therapist author of blog. It includes easy learning ideas that can be tailored to each child’s needs and interests.

My hope for the 31 Days of Learning is to bring you creative ideas with (almost) free materials.  

Working on math or writing concepts and building fine motor skills using recycled, find-at-home materials:

Day 1: Improve Handwriting with Cookie Cutters

Day 2: How to Compose and Decompose Numbers with Glass Gems

Day 3: Fine Motor Color Math

Day 4: Learn with Recycled Plastic Containers

Day 5: Upper Lower Case Letter Seek and Find

Day 6: Handwriting with a Foam Tray

Day 7: Teach Fractions in the Kitchen

Day 8: Use Checkers in Math and Pre-Coding

Day 9: How to start cursive handwriting with sensory textures

Day 10: Plastic Take-Out Drink Lids: Sorting Sentence Types

Day 11: Build a Clock Bottle Caps

Day 12: Learn and Play with Muffin Tins

Day 13: Teach Letters with Push Pins and Recycled Cans

Day 14: 3 Ingredient Kinetic Sand Recipe and Math games

Day 15: Bubble Wrap Math and Visual Scanning Maze

Day 16: Learn with Legos

Day 17: Learn with Board Games you Already Own

Day 18: Learning Ideas on Windows and Doors

Day 19: Cursive Lines Fine Motor Art

Day 20: Math Dominoes Discovery Bottle

Day 21: Learning with Cooking

Day 22: Stamp Art Worksheets

Day 23: Cardboard Tangrams and Visual Memory

Day 24: Recycled Puzzle Rhymes and Synonyms

Day 25: Play Dough Math Activities

Day 26: Rock Time Telling

Day 27: Library Book Sensory Bin (The Deep Blue Sea)

Day 28: Baking Soda Paints

Day 29: Base Ten Operations with Paper Clips

Day 30: Back to School Rock Story Stones

Day 31: Soap Shaving Bookmarks

Even more learning ideas, using items in the home:

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